Tall Ships


The visiting Tall Ships are a must-see at the Foyle Maritime Festival this year – sitting elegantly and commanding a dramatic presence.

All of these vessels will provide daily tours from 12 noon until 8pm latest. Times will be staggered to accommodate breaks and ensure several boats can be visited at any one time

The Phoenix
Irene Tall Ship

The Phoenix

A movie star in the Tall Ship world The Phoenix, is a firm festival favourite and the cover star of our programme this year with an image of it in full splendour during the 2022 showcase event.


Making its debut at the festival, we are thrilled to welcome Tall Ship Irene. Built on 1907 this ship has seen many dramatic adventures sailing the Atlantic ocean transporting olive oil, coffee and cocoa as part of the ‘New Dawn Traders to working as a charter vessel in the Caribbean. 

The Brocklebank

The Brocklebank Tugboat, built in 1965, will welcome guests aboard to hear about the mechanics and fascinating history of this hardworking vessel. The vessel’s guardians are a bunch of charming sailors now retired who are an event in their own right to converse with! 

The Leader
Las Malouine


Built in 1892, The Leader now acts as a Sail Training vessel for young people around Ireland. Sailing into the festival on the morning of Friday 28th June, the ship arrives with an excited group of young people who will have sailed for the first time from Belfast and departs on Monday 1st July with another group, this time from Derry who will make the journey back.

La Malouine

Originally thought to have been built in Poland in 1960’s further investigations revealed that it may actually have been built by Russians in 1955. The ship was then converted to a Brigantine in 1992 by Dutch designer Olivier Van Meer using drawings. A ship that was familiar with the Baltic Sea for many years as a charter vessel, we’re delighted its making its debut at FMF this summer.


Built in Denmark in 1936 for fishing in the North Sea, this ship has been restored and traditionally rigged as a Gaff Ketch and is registered as a sailing vessel in the UK. Another first for the festival, we can’t wait to welcome this beautiful boat into Foyle Port.