Be The Change

Be The Change

Sustainability at the Heart of Foyle Maritime Festival 2024

At the Foyle Maritime Festival (FMF) 2024, we’re steering our ship towards a greener horizon. Beyond the stunning vistas of our seas and oceans, we are venturing into the depths of sustainability and environmental responsibility. As we embrace the theme “Beyond Blue,” we challenge both ourselves and our visitors to reimagine our interaction with these vast, blue resources.

Embracing Innovation for a Sustainable Future
We are charting new courses to address the needs of the modern world while keeping our climate impact in check. Our festival programme features thought-provoking animations, installations, and a headline event, aptly named “Beyond Blue.”

Education through Engagement
FMF is diving deep into the “Science of Water” with educational workshops sporting environmental themes.

Commitment to Plastic-Free Celebrations by:
• A complete ban on single-use plastics.
• Water stations to quench your thirst sustainably.
• A cup deposit and return scheme at festival bars.
• Mindful Management
• Strict waste management and recycling guidelines for all traders.
• No printed programmes – all information is available digitally.
• A reduction in our carbon footprint with the introduction of new Festival logistical initiatives
• More eco-friendly energy sources
• Curtailing international participation by 10% to reduce overseas travel emissions.
• Launching the Waste Warrior Scheme.
• Leading by Example

Partnerships for the Planet
In collaboration with our Sustainable Festivals Group, we’re dedicated to setting benchmarks in environmental stewardship. This commitment is further anchored by our registration with Vision: 2025, joining the ranks of 500 events in the UK and Ireland vowing to uphold the Green Events Code. As this code becomes a standard, FMF 2024 is in the running to be featured in a pioneering Local Authority Pilot Project.

Join us as we navigate a course not just beyond the blue horizons, but also towards a greener, more sustainable future.