Science of Water

Science of Water

The Science of Water sponsored by Randox

STEM Aware invites kids of all ages to explore the science of water through a range of FREE interactive and educational activities and workshops at the festival all supervised by their very own Fergal the LegenDerry Shark

⏰ 12noon – 7pm daily
🎪 Science of Water Tent.
🎟 Free | No Booking Required

💧 Ocean Sea Lego | 12pm Wed – Sun

A fast moving Lego workshop that will take you deep beneath the waves of the ocean where a range of fabulous fish and sea creatures are built using only Lego and your imagination.

**Special Sensory Friendly Workshop on Friday 22nd at 12 noon**


💧 Catch what you can | 1pm Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun | 4pm Thurs

Our oceans are packed with beautiful fish and marine life. Unfortunately, because of us, they have to share their wonderful world with a load of old rubbish these days. Any idea what that rubbish could be? If you could catch some and get rid of it, could you? Time’s running out…will you catch what you can and save the day?


💧 Build a Bridge and Get Over it! | 2pm Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun

A Lego workshop with a structural challenge invites you to look forward and step into the future of how we can get from one place to another. If you were asked to design a new footbridge for the River Foyle what would it look like? How would you build it? Exhibits will be judged by Fergal the LegenDerry Shark!


💧 From City to Sea | 3pm  Wed – Sun

Fergal will take everyone through some daily routines of his and show the significant role that water plays in many of those tasks. But not all is well, swimming upstream to the city, his perfect cousin Kevin has lost his way and is now stuck in a rut. Can you help Fergal find Kevin and keep the system running smoothly?


💧 Science of Water Show by Neil Monteiro

4pm, 5pm & 6pm Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun | 1pm & 2pm Thurs

Journeying through the sea, we face the challenges and forces of nature, the weather, the environment – they all test us to our limits. Can you help Neil investigate the science of water using amazing demonstrations of the power of H2O – from incredible pressures, optical illusions and even making power from water!

Neil Monterio, Science Communicator


💧 Makey Makey | 5pm & 6pm Thurs

Participants will use a Makey Makey circuit kit to create the sounds of What Lies Beneath. Kits and computers will be provided. fr