Business Engagement Event

business engagement

Unlocking Opportunities: Business Engagement Event

Wed 8 May 2024
10:00AM – 12:30PM

Da Vinci’s Hotel
15 Culmore Road
BT48 8JB

Join us Wednesday 8th May, at 10:00 am at Da Vincis Hotel Derry for an exclusive peek into the vibrant pulse of Derry’s business landscape at the Foyle Maritime Festival 2024. As the city and district showcase innovation, culture, and enterprise, immerse yourself in an event designed to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit, with lots of tools, techniques, and top tips to help your business stand out.

Business Engagement Event Highlights:

Discover the Vision: Dive into the thrilling plans for Foyle Maritime Festival 2024 as the DCSDC Festival and Events team unveils the programme with an exhilarating lineup of activities set to captivate locals and visitors alike. Be the first to uncover the capitvating plans and animated spectacles that will redefine the maritime festival experience. 

Beyond Blue: Get support to build brand alignment with the key theme of the Foyle Maritime Festival 2024 with expert guidance from the DCSDC Business and Tourism Teams. Learn from real-life case studies and discover tailored supports designed to empower new entrepreneurs and existing businesses to seize every opportunity for expansion and success at the festival.

Vibrant Night time economy: Find out more about the opportunities to capitalise on the Festival’s programme, extended opening hours and animation plans.  Hear from the Tourism and Events team about unique opportunities to maximise our existing vibrant night time economy in the city. 

Creating Maritime Magic: Elevate your customer experience game with insights from seasoned professional, Mags McAlpin. Gain access to a treasure trove of tools, techniques, and top tips guaranteed to enchant and delight your customers, leaving a lasting impression that sets your business apart during the festival and beyond. 

For inquiries, contact the Business Support team, on 028 71253253 or email