A Dusk Chorus

A dusk chorus

Join the Harmonious Waves of the Dusk Chorus at the Foyle Maritime Festival!

This year, as part of our grand ‘Beyond Blue’ showcase, the Foyle Maritime Festival is thrilled to invite local choirs to participate in an enchanting evening of choral music titled ‘A Dusk Chorus.’ This captivating event will commence at 8pm, marking the opening of our Saturday night festivities.

Set along the picturesque riverfront, ‘A Dusk Chorus’ will feature a series of choirs positioned at designated points. Each group will perform synchronized songs, creating a harmonious wave of melodies that will sweep along the river, accompanying the festival’s transformation into a magical world of light, fire, tall ships, and colorful sea creatures.

The performance will last for 50 minutes, with each song performed simultaneously across all choirs at predetermined times. This unique format aims to blend the beautiful sounds of the choirs with the festival’s dynamic riverscape, enhancing the atmosphere and immersing attendees in a mesmerizing auditory experience.

Choirs interested in participating will have the opportunity to collaborate in choosing the songs for the performance, ensuring that each voice contributes to this shared musical journey. 

We invite choirs, choir masters, and conductors from across the district to join us in creating a memorable opening to a night that stretches beyond our everyday horizon!

If you would like to express your interest please email foylemaritime@derrystrabane.com.