What Lies Beneath

What Lies Beneath

The 2022 Foyle Maritime Festival will celebrate and acknowledge ‘What Lies Beneath’ our beautiful seas and oceans. From the remarkable sea and plant life, to the damage of climate change and pollution, we will showcase a life beneath the surface.

Bringing to life the magic and wonder of the world under water, the festival will feature breathtaking large scale props including an 18 metre long whale, seemingly endless sea tentacles, illuminated jellyfish, and giant sea urchins. During our showcase, visitors can look forward to a display of light, sound, and performance, a transformational trip through our oceans.

An insight into the reality of pollution and the catastrophic damage to our seas will be brought to the festival in partnership with Lough’s Agency, Ulster University & Council. The true story that has redefined the horizon of our oceans will be showcased as we shine a light on the critical environmental issues and the impact of climate change.

During the 4 day event, we look forward to introducing Take the Pledge, a campaign encouraging local citizens to sign up to making eco-friendly changes in their every day life.

Our visitors will also be greeted by a range of international traders bringing continental market offerings and dynamic art installations. And not forgetting our reputation for fireworks, we are planning a thrilling and celebratory explosion of light across the River Foyle and beyond.

The 2022 Festival promises to enthral visitors with a wide range of interactive, family friendly events. From water-based activities and live music, to guest speakers and accessible salons the Festival will be unmatched.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Land ho!